Luxury Yacht Sirara - video footage coming soon
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When you host an event on the Sirara, you feel as though you are the owner of a magnificent vessel, built for beauty and pleasure. You have at your command an experienced captain and dedicated crew to ensure smooth sailing and fulfill your expectations for safety and comfort.

  • Sirara outside view
  • Sirara aft entrance deck
  • Sirara saloon entrance
  • Sirara saloon looking aft
  • Sirara ladies restroom
  • Sirara saloon view
  • Sirara bar view
  • Sirara top deck

Her History

The luxury commercial yacht Sirara was originally constructed by Potomac Riverboat Company for luxury touring in our nation’s capital prior to the Bicentennial Year and thus named the Spirit of ’76. Willem Polak, founder of the company, commissioned and funded its construction with an ingenious design and architecture inspired by the luxury boats which plied the canals of his native Holland, while employing best-in-class innovative American boat-building techniques.

The yacht was designed by American architect Charles W. Wittholz and constructed by John H. Collamore III, whose Virginia-based Hulls Unlimited-East, Inc. completed the vessel in 1975. He provided Legacy with all the architectural and construction plans of the vessel, so we had every advantage in our complete overhaul and inspired renovation.