Top 5 Destinations for Private Yacht Charter: Who Wins It All?

Planning a wedding can be hectic for everyone involved. From finding the perfect venue to making sure that all the guests are happy with the arrangements, all aspects need to be in order.

If you want an exotic reception venue that will charm your visitors and make your special day memorable, then opt for a private yacht charter to hold the ceremony.

How would you like to tie the knot with that special person on a luxurious deck while looking across vast blue stretches? You will cherish the beauty of the moment for the rest of your life.

Apart from yacht weddings, private yacht charters also make the perfect option for hosting corporate events, team building, and client appreciation parties. All you have to do is book the yacht charter beforehand and specify the details of the event. Then, you can be stress-free and able to enjoy the party like the rest of the attendees because everything will be taken care of.

Since you would be shelling out the big bucks, you would not want to settle for anything but perfection. A private luxury yacht charter gives you and your guests just that.

There are numerous destinations across the world which offer this service and make for marvelous backdrops during your celebration. Why compromise on what could turn out to be one of the best nights of your life?

Five Stunning Destinations to Consider for Your Private Yacht Charter Event

Celebrate in style by booking luxury a yacht charter in these popular spots.

Private Yacht Charter in Croatia

1. The Beautiful Islands of Croatia

If you want a destination party in Europe, then Croatia can be perfect. With over a thousand islands, the coast of Croatia is one that will leave you stunned with its beauty. There are many attractions in this area including the Kornati archipelago and the ‘Golden Horn’ beach. However, it will be an expensive trip considering the cost of a luxurious party. Croatia has steadily become one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe. Even ancillary services are prohibitively expensive which means that if you plan to stay for long, then there will be a hole in your pocket by the time you come back.

If you are looking for sandy beaches where you will be able to spend some quality time, then you may be disappointed. Most of the Croatian beaches do not have sand and are filled with small pebbles and rocky ledges. The food available is also of limited variety and might disappoint you despite their reasonable prices.

Private Yacht Charter in French Riviera

2. The Exquisite French Riviera

Romance and adventure abound in the very air of France, which makes the French Riviera one of the top yacht charter destinations in the world. Known for its delicious cuisine, crystal clear waters, you will not regret hosting your special event in this area of the Mediterranean. Sophisticated but pure, the French Riviera is a favorite for thousands. However, its location and increasingly high demand make it a prohibitively expensive option. Travelers consistently vote France as one of the priciest countries in the world and for good reason.

Moreover, the waters have become extremely crowded with large charter ships that can disrupt your experience. Not only you might end up with an obstructed view of the beautiful scenery, but they will also create unnecessary mayhem when you are trying to host a private yacht party. Overcrowding is also an issue if privacy is of importance to you because of your high-profile clients in a corporate event. On the other hand, if you are heading to the French Riviera for a personal event, then you might not want encroachment on your precious moments. You should also consider the language barrier when travelling to France.Private Yacht Charter in Greece

3. The Historical Islands of Greece

Greece, with its rich history and rugged beauty, is one aesthetic destination that will help you perk up your Instagram feed. The Greek islands are known for their whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches. Then there are the panoramic views of clear water and greenery which you will be able to enjoy while sipping a glass of champagne aboard your private yacht. Greece is packed with sights and attractions like Santorini, Mykonos and the Parthenon. Your guests will love the venue because they will have plenty to do.

Greece, in recent times, has become a popular hub for tourists and photographers all over the world which makes it more crowded than usual. There are large ships sailing in and out of the port which is not something you’d want if you are just looking to enjoy a secluded evening with the people you love. Moreover, Greece is on the more expensive side of the scale. The transportation cost itself will be high. When added to the cost of booking the yacht charter and amenities, the final figure will not be pocket-friendly. There is also a water shortage problem in Greece that may plague you during your stay.

Private Yacht Charter in Bahamas

4. The Beautiful Bahamas

If you are looking for a place that is both exotic and adventurous, then the Bahamas may fit the bill. The natural islands in the Bahamas are full of sandy cays and colorful coral reefs which will keep you enchanted. You will spend some quality time on the pristine beaches and occasionally take dips in the comfortably warm water.

However, the unpredictable Caribbean weather might pose a problem for hosting an on-deck event aboard your private yacht charter. Fierce storms can upset your intentions causing heartbreak for both you and your guests. It is not necessary that you might face such problems but it is still a risk. Moreover, the Bahamas have gone up considerably in the tourist charts in the last decade. Not only has this led to overcrowding, but it has also led the prices to shoot up considerably. The Caribbean is now an expensive retreat.

Private Yacht Charter in San Diego Bay California

5. America’s Finest City: San Diego, California

Whether you are hosting a yacht wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event on a luxury yacht charter, you would want the night to be memorable. How about staying close to home?

San Diego, situated in southernmost region of California along the Pacific coast, offers the perfect alternative. Cost-effective but beautiful, it is lined with pristine beaches and hundreds of unique attractions.

Your private yacht charter event will have a variety of cuisines to offer your guests. Choose from Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, or the local cuisine. The food and world-renowned craft beer are major reasons why tourists all over the world love San Diego. With a vast urban cultural park and more than ten museums, San Diego will keep all your guests busy throughout the day as they gear up for a wonderful party in the evening.

San Diego provides the ultimate combination of culture, nightlife, and attractions. If you have some free time on your hand, then pay a visit to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and the San Diego Zoo. On the other hand, if you like to live your life on the edge, then you can opt for surfing the ocean or hiking nearby trails.

Why San Diego Takes the Crown?

Touring in San Diego is a constant adventure that you will love to be a part of. The beaches are not overcrowded with ships which means that little will obstruct your view as you look out to the horizon and celebrate your special occasion. You will find plenty of cruising waters along the coast. The two protected Bays- the San Diego Bay and the Mission Bay- will surely impress you.

Worried about rains? Don’t, the weather will not let you down – it is warm throughout the year. The excellent all-round climate will ensure that your private yacht charter event goes on smoothly in all seasons. Compared to the international destinations above, San Diego is a more accessible and friendlier option for your special day!

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