Take To The Waters Of The Beautiful San Diego Bay, In The Pinnacle Of High Luxury Yachts – The Sirara

Aerial view of luxury yacht SiraraYour team just landed a massive sale.You stand on the deck of the Sirara and sip champagne. Gazing over the San Diego Bay waters, you can’t remember ever feeling so content.

The band strikes up. You just barely hear them over the rush of the warm wind and the lap of water against the bow. A smile spreads across your face.

The band is good.

Main deck entrance of luxury cruising yacht SiraraIntrigued, you head towards the music. Passing by the clean and modern interior design, you hear the chatter of your guests. They’re having a great time.

The band starts a new song as you enter the room. You look over to your newly acquired clients. They’re happy. You’re happy.
The end of the song signals your turn at the mic. You step up and thank your new clients for their business, and that you hope you can enjoy many years of smooth business.

By their glistening eyes and smiles, you know you will.


Main deck interior of luxury yacht SiraraDon’t wait for a giant sale. Why not treat your employees to a luxury cruise for their hard work?

We host both corporate and private events. And if you’re an event planner, we’re happy to help you out, too.

We provide excellent value for money, so book your spot on the Sirara. Don’t delay, the maiden cruise isn’t far away.

Now, about the Sirara.


Originally named the “Spirit of 76”, the Sirara was built in the 1970’s. The innovative design, inspired by comfortable European passenger vessels, ensured great popularity among clientele.

Things were built tough in those days. That’s why we decided to restore the Spirit of 76. And not to its former glory, either, but far beyond it.

We’ve spared no expense in restoring this iconic yacht. In fact, the only thing we kept was the expertly built fiberglass hull, which we refinished to a high shine.

We are replacing the engines and machinery, the electrical equipment, the structures, the bar – everything. All brand new and with ultimate luxury in mind. We want to create something unrivalled – even in the multi-million dollar luxury yacht industry.

And we’re doing all of this so you can experience a taste of the highest end luxury available to us in this lifetime.

The enclosed lower deck has top quality seating and a high-end bar. There’s also a dance floor and luxurious restrooms. And when you need a little fresh air, take the stairs to the top deck.

From the top deck you’ll have an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the San Diego Bay. You’ll be able to drink in all its beauty in the sweet ocean open air. Why not take a look?


We have commercial certificate of inspection from the US coast guard (USCG). Meaning all the safety equipment required is on board and ready to go.

On top of that, the Sirara is operated by USCG-certified captain and crew.

Because sailing without peace of mind isn’t worth sailing at all.


You can book your accommodation and transport online. Event professionals can book online for their clients. You can even book your private jets online these days.

And now you can book the ultimate luxury yacht experience online too.

You can experience the exclusive San Diego Bay views normally reserved for those who can afford a private vessel. And you can do so in safety, comfort and with very little effort. Everything is prepared for you. You just show up and take your cruise.

Once you’ve started your booking process online, you can select your preferred pickup location, your event type, the number of guests and your choice from a range of special requests.


Gourmet food catering and service aboard luxury yacht Sirara

You can choose from a range of services from our qualified professionals.

Serve your guests masterful buffet meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or opt for gourmet snacks on passed trays or on display.
For beverages, you can choose a hosted service with either non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine or premium spirits.

A bottle service is also available where you can choose the bottles you want.

As far as entertainment goes, there’s also plenty to choose from. You can get a DJ or live band. You can have a photo booth or professional photographer to capture those once–in-a- lifetime memories.

Limousine transportation makes your guests feel important or takes you to your wedding in style. Official wedding ceremonies are also available to make your special day perfect.

And you can book online in just a few minutes – with no hassle. Book now or join our newsletter to stay up to date with special offers and everything Legacy Cruises is up to.


Event professionals can create their accounts as such and enjoy a few additional perks, like preferred rates. So take your event planning business to the next level and create your account today. Your clients will be blown away by a luxury yacht cruise for their special day.

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Legacy Cruises and Events, LLC.

If you’ve ever cruised on a high-end luxury yacht before, you’ll know it’s an unforgettable experience. If you haven’t, you should. It’s something that everyone should experience at least once. But who can afford their own yacht these days?
Only the ultra-rich, right?

That’s why we strive to make these cruises more accessible. We want you to share this experience with your loved ones. Whether it’s for your wedding, birthday party or just for the fun of it.


Where would we be without relationships?

Maybe we should emphasize here – good relationships.

Can you see yourself working with us? Whether you own a hotel, golf course or resort, we in the tourism industry should stick together, don’t you think?

That’s why we’re reaching out to you, our fellow entertainer. Reach back. Let’s work together. Let’s make San Diego Tourism a happy, productive and co-operative industry.

But why stop there? Let’s do the same for tourism in the entire country! Wherever you are, we’re sure we can help each other by working together towards a shared goal.

Contact us now.


Crew positions and careers available aboard luxury cruising yacht Sirara

We’re always on the lookout for the best the tourism industry has to offer. If you can see yourself working on the Sirara, contact us.
We’d be more than happy to consider applicants who are a good fit with the Legacy Cruises family.

We have marketing and sales positions available, as well as operation and crew positions. We’re waiting for you. Drop us a line at Careers@LegacyCruisesSD.com


First-Class Corporate Yacht Charters at Legacy Cruises and Events

A great product launch needs plenty of clients in attendance. And who can refuse a luxury yacht cruise?
A live band and the natural relaxed atmosphere of the ocean will make your clients receptive to all your ideas. Such as your hopes and dreams of building a future together.

The total overhaul of the Sirara culminates in luxury finishes and elegant color schemes. Sure to impress any client. So whether you’re charming a new client, celebrating years-old relationships or launching your new line, do it in style and elegance on the Sirara.

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San Diego's most stylish wedding reception venue for upscale yacht weddings, engagements and anniversaries

What constitutes a great wedding, party or celebration?

We can’t say for sure, can we? But we suspect it has something to do with just the right mix of the unexpected. Will your clients expect a yacht cruise for the event? Probably not. Will they enjoy a yacht cruise? Definitely.

High-end clients are often hard to please. Nothing is ever quite good enough. The venue isn’t luxurious enough. Not quiet enough. Not private enough. Well, we happen to have a location that suits all those criteria.

Nothing meets the exclusivity of a multi-million dollar private yacht. We’ve spent lavishly in our full renovation of the Sirara. We went for the most luxurious finishes and the most elegant color schemes, all to bring them to you. Softwoods meet reflective metals in the ultimate modern day luxury design.

So when you’re ready to give your clients an unforgettable experience, book the Sirara today.


Sip on a crisp drink as you breathe in that fresh ocean evening air, while the waves lap gently against the bow.

Then the band starts up, just audible above the soft rush of the warm wind. You finish your drink and head inside. Tuxedo’s and evening dresses suit the scene well. You make your way through the small crowd as a server approaches you with a fresh drink and hors d’oeuvres. You accept and fall in line with the other revelers. You enjoy the lively beat of the professional band. The band falls quiet. Something has caught the crowd’s attention. It’s the minister. He’s here.

It’s almost time.

Surrounded by friends and family, you stare into the eyes of the one you love and repeat your vows. Enjoy a delectable evening buffet dinner
afterwards before heading off to your exotic honeymoon. Experience a taste of the ultimate luxury previously reserved for the ultra-rich.

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Maybe it’s the world-famous cuisine? Mexican, Vietnamese and Italian are just a few kinds of specialist restaurants to choose from. And the amazing cuisine the city has to offer is just one reason why San Diego is a favorite tourist destination for both Americans and people from around the world.

We have 70 miles of pristine beaches and the largest urban cultural park, featuring 17 museums and the old Globe Theater. You can immerse yourself in Italian culture in Little Italy, or take a hike through the Sunset Cliffs.

San Diego is a constant adventure.

And we’ve got the perfect weather for adventuring. Warm all year round, the climate of San Diego is a big factor in enjoying the sights the city offers.

You can visit the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, or the world renowned San Diego Zoo. Or come to the San Diego Bay, book a cruise on the Sirara and experience rare views of the San Diego skyline.

San Diego is consistently rated one of America’s top tourist destinations. And no wonder. With all that the city has to offer, a vacation here never feels quite long enough to experience everything.

That’s probably why so many return every year. San Diego has the perfect mix of culture, sports, nightlife and fun in the sun.
But it’s not just the city itself.

It’s the people living in it that make San Diego so great. We have a laid-back, easy-going lifestyle here. And it’s easy to relax when the atmosphere is right.

If it’s surfing you’re after, Black’s Beach or Mission Beach are the spots for you. Black’s Beach offers more advanced surfers the chance to test their skills with some of the best waves San Diego has to offer.

But be warned, Black’s Beach is regarded a clothing-optional beach, so if Birthday suit sightings aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer Mission Beach.

Mission Beach has equipment rentals and nearby surfing lessons, so it’s the ideal place to learn to surf.

If it’s a stunning sunset you’re after, you’ll want to pay a visit to the aptly-named Sunset Cliffs or Windansea Beach.

San Diego also happens to be one of the craft beer capitals of the US. So if you’re into trying microbreweries’ specialties, you’ll find plenty to appease your taste buds.

You could also do a wine-tasting run in the beautiful wine growing region of Temecula. Best to make sure you aren’t driving when taking this option. We all know wine tasting can be a bit… lengthy.

From the Marina district to the Gaslamp Quarter and East Village – wherever you go, you’ll find fun just waiting for you. And this free planning guide will help you make the most of your vacation.

So you can plan your next San Diego vacation. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to book a short cruise on the Sirara online while you’re here, so you can experience first-class luxury on the waters of the beautiful San Diego Bay.

Book in advance now or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with what’s happening.